Chinese online dating

how much is your salary?
  • what is your job?
  • but once i go through "their test", i know they are not such that kind of gold digger which we can easily get in kang ding, or nearby cao jiadu area in shanghai.

    i'm sorry to say, i don't mean to be racialist here, but this is just a fact, white males are easier to get any girls, even the cute and beautiful-too good to be true kind of girls.

    both php-based websites don't have mobile platform although there are several "extentions" in google playstore for jiayuan and baihe. all i need is only wechat account, signup in jiayuan using wechat account. And the best part is, they do it without making a big deal out of it.

    there are 2 most famous chinese dating sites:

    i used since the registration process is easier. what is the ownership?

  • do you have a car?
  • how much is your money in your saving? chinese girls tend to be "gold diggers" according to US & EU culture. You can read about the growth in this TechinAsia article . People have each other’s backs here. that's all.

    while baihe requires you to have china phone number.

    Chinese online dating

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    For Gay guys there are many options coming out of China lately. I’ll go into more detail in my reviews below.

    Chinese culture facilitates intimacy — people act generous as a reflex, show their care through actions instead of words, choose sincerity over small talk, and give their total attention to the people privileged enough to call them friends. it is quite difficult unless you want to spent some money to buy such receive sms service using china number.

    please bear in mind that many chinese girls in jiayuan or baihe, but most of them can't speak english for normal communication. that's why i always ask them to continue using wechat after several mails and later call them using video call to have a short conversation (right, test her level and also avoid for being scammed). they will ask you such these questions:

    • do you have a house? i'm chinese born abroad (outside china mainland), looking for a partner from mainland. so far i was using their web version, use PC/notebook to access.

      please be careful about culture different. as i'm looking for a partner instead of hooking up ONS, communication is certainly important to me.

      *and now i got 1 lovely partner, eventhough she lives in hamburg, germany, working for airbus :

      if you are a "westerner" (that's how they call for foreigners which come from US and EU), your chance to get contacted is pretty high, even higher than me (a crazy chinese born abroad who can't speak and read chinese). If you're looking for a gay dating app in China , Hornet is localized in Chinese and has 10 million users worldwide, so it has plenty of Chinese nationals as well as international users and expats.

      Here is the quick list of the top 5 dating sites in China.